CSS: Discover the Power of a Good Story: How Baseball Great Carl Erskine’s Story is Changing Lives

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Ted Green is a director, producer, and writer who fell in love with the art of storytelling through film and has made several documentaries, many of them about sports, but also focusing on people and events that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit. His newest film, “The Best We’ve Got: The Carl Erskine Story,” is about Carl Erskine, a baseball player who played a seminal role in two of the great human-rights movements of the past century, first as a teammate and close friend of Jackie Robinson, then as a pioneer in the fight for people with special needs. 

Carl Erskine and his wife Betty gave birth to their son Jimmy and discovered he had Down syndrome. Instead of institutionalizing him, they found themselves at the forefront of another fight for the recognition of the marginalized. Erskine went on to play a pivotal role in the development of the Special Olympics. 

Ted Green also talks about the Erskine Personal Impact Curriculum, which is designed to teach themes of inclusion, diversity, and acceptance using the stories of Carl and other individuals featured in the film. The curriculum has been distributed to schools in Indiana and beyond, with more than 70,000 books distributed so far. The goal is to inspire the next generation to positively impact the world.

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