CSS: Can Reformed Libertarianism Counter Christian Nationalism? With Kerry Baldwin and Gregory Baus

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Christian Nationalism, Theonomy, and monarchism are on the rise in libertarian circles. The hosts of the Reformed Libertarians Podcast, Kerry Baldwin and Gregory Baus, join my to explain why the Reformed stream of Christianity is compatible with libertarianism, and why it offers a peaceful alternative to Christian Nationalism.


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About The Reformed Libertarians Podcast

The Reformed Libertarians Podcast aims to educate and inspire listeners to intelligently embrace and passionately promote a view of libertarianism as grounded in the Reformed Faith, and informed by a Reformed worldview.

Exploring free society from a Reformed perspective, hosts Kerry Baldwin and Gregory Baus discuss culture, society, politics, economics, theology, philosophy, worldview, and more. Follow the show at reformedlibertarians.com and discover how to think about liberty and human flourishing based in the Reformed Faith.

Gregory Baus

A confessional Presbyterian and student of Reformational philosophy. He became a libertarian anarchist in 2008. His personal interests include classic diners, folk and jazz music, and speculative fiction.


Kerry Baldwin

An independent researcher, co-author, and Socratic coach with a BA in Philosophy. She is a confessional Presbyterian and became a libertarian in 2008. Her interests include puzzles and brain teasers.

Reformed Libertarianism Statement & Principles – reformedlibertarians.com/reformed-libertarianism-statement/

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