CSS: Benjamin Sledge on His Book, “Where Cowards Go To Die,” Military Service, and The PTSD Crisis

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Ben Sledge served his country with distinction in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He joins me to reflect on his service in those wars and the moral injuries they caused, and the long struggle to overcome them upon his return home. He is the author of a new book titled “Where Cowards Go To Die.”

Buy the Book – amzn.to/3BLDdl1

Book Excerpt – townhall.com/columnists/benjaminsledge/2022/07/04/excerpt-the-struggles-veterans-face-when-returning-to-civilian-life-n2609666

Benjamin Sledge is a wounded combat veteran with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, serving most of his time under Special Operations (Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command). He is the recipient of the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and two Army Commendation Medals for his actions overseas. Upon returning home from war, he began work in mental health and addiction recovery. A prolific communicator, Benjamin has authored several viral articles in addition to being the author of two books. His work ranges from fiction, self-help, and investigative journalism to Christianity and the military. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife, daughter, and son. 

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