CSS: Chris Spangle Appears on Frank Calieno and Al Jackson’s Podcast

It was a pleasure to join Al Jackson and Frank Caliendo on their podcast. Can people with serious political differences talk politics and still get along? These two comedians give it a shot. It is going to be a great podcast, so please subscribe now. (Click here for the links).

Hosts Frank Caliendo & Al Jackson, along with frequent guest Brian Love spend some time interviewing Libertarian Chris Spangle (www.WeAreLibertarians.com)

Chris Spangle is the Digital Director for The BOB & TOM Show, a nationally syndicated morning show. Spangle is the founder and host of the We Are Libertarians podcast, which is dedicated to applying libertarian thought to current events, politics, and culture. Before this, he worked in politics and media as a producer at a news talk radio station, the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Audio Editor of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and a Senior Account Representative at an advertising agency. He lives in Indianapolis, IN. His Twitter is @cspangle.

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