ShowUpward – Libertarian Activism

“Left” and “right” are each descriptive of authoritarian positions. Liberty has no horizontal relationship to authoritarianism. Libertarianism’s relationship to authoritarianism is vertical; it is up from the muck of men enslaving man.” – Leonard E. Read, 1956

Libertarian podcasts are usually focused on the philosophy of libertarianism. Our podcast, Upward – Libertarian Activism, provides tips and strategies to help move more people towards the top of the diamond of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. We Are Libertarians presents training sessions and special podcasts to teach the basics of running for office, county party organization, and other forms of libertarian activism. Early episodes include training workshops put together by Chris Spangle and the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Newer episodes are from the archives of Marshall Fritz and the Advocates for Self-Government.

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