BNS BONUS- The Weekly Standard is Dead So Who is Next on The Remso Martinez Experience

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This special BONUS EPISODE of The Brian Nichols Show concludes the 2018 season! Listen as I joined friend of the show, Remso Martinez, on his program- The Resmo Martinez Experience.

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Remso and the boys are here with you today to pour one out for our war-loving homies at The Weekly Standard. During The Weekly Standard’s 23 years of life, it became really good friends with George W. Bush and was eventually beaten into a coma after the 2016 election. The guys discuss who will be the next publication to die, what this means for the future of Rand Paul, why middle America hates eggheads, and what the future of legacy media may look like.

Episode notes:

Click hear to listen about that time Remso predicted the future (seriously, crazy stuff became true)

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