BNS BONUS: One Year Anniversary of Fifteen Days to Slow the Spread

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“We needed to lock down out of an abundance of caution. We didn’t know what the virus was going to do.”

Ya’ll have heard that before, right? Well, believe it or not, some of us have been raising the red flag from the very beginning that the government response to COVID (like the government lockdowns) would lead to more unintended long term consequences versus simply letting people/the market adjust.

Today’s episode is a highlight of four guests from The Brian Nichols Show who were raising the alarm from the beginning.

(April 2020)109: COVID-19 vs. the Economy: Could A Crumbling Economy Cause More Death than COVID-19? -with Economist Daniel J. Michell:

(June 2020)119: How the COVID Lockdowns, George Floyd Murder, and PRIME Act are Connected -with Matt Kibbe:

(October 2020) 150: Liberty or Lockdown -with Jeffrey Tucker from AIER:

(January 2021) 180: COVID-19 Pandemic Data & Science that will Save Lives & Livelihoods -with Nick Hudson:

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