BNS 797: America LAST – How D.C. Politicians Have FAILED Working Americans

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Is America losing its global leadership role? ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ This congressional candidate argues YES – and reveals what’s needed to restore America’s power on the world stage.

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Michael Nixon, a veteran and hospital executive running for Congress in Georgia’s 2nd district, joins host Brian Nichols to discuss his bid to flip the long-held Democratic seat. Nixon provides an insider’s perspective into the declining state of America’s military, explaining how poor leadership and dangerous policies have diminished troop morale and emboldened enemies.

Sharing firsthand accounts from his deployments abroad, Nixon spotlights the shifting global perceptions of the U.S. over the past 20 years. Once viewed as liberators, American troops now face growing anti-American sentiments. Nixon traces the roots of this hostility and proposes solutions to restore America’s standing.

Pivoting to domestic issues, Nixon breaks down the economic struggles crippling his impoverished district. He slams the failures of career politicians from both parties to improve conditions for working-class Americans. Nixon lays out his vision for fiscal responsibility in D.C., eliminating government waste, and bringing industry and jobs back home.

Committed to bipartisan solutions, Nixon aims to forge unity around common-sense policies supported by both parties. By returning power to the states, securing the border, and upholding the rule of law, he believes America can reclaim its rightful place as the world’s shining city on a hill.

Learn why Nixon believes America’s future depends on electing citizen legislators willing to stand up to the D.C. establishment. Discover how his real-world experience can help strengthen America at home and abroad!

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