BNS 793: This Guy Just Made Libertarian Electoral History – Here’s How

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What’s the secret blueprint that allowed a 28-year-old libertarian phenom to infiltrate a rural Indiana city council seat in the heart of America’s red state country?

How often do we see Libertarian candidates fall flat on election day? Too often! But what if this time was different? Listen in as host Brian Nichols interviews Clayton Soultz, a 28-year-old Libertarian who just won his election to the Jonesborough City Council in Indiana. Find out Clayton’s secrets to running a winning local campaign, like convincing the incumbent to step down, going door-to-door to meet constituents face-to-face, and focusing on issues voters truly care about rather than pushing rigid Libertarian ideology.

You’ll learn why focusing on likability and relationship building at the local level leads to more victories than national Libertarian figureheads preaching big ideas without local followthrough. Hear Clayton’s tips for picking winnable races in small towns thirsty for new leadership. Understand how to leverage single issues like water quality regulation and perceived state government overreach during COVID restrictions. Get fired up as Clayton describes his 60-year vision for the Libertarian slow march through government institutions.

If you’re fed up with Libertarian losses and ready for pragmatic winning strategies tailored to the hyperlocal level, this is the can’t-miss episode for you! Clayton shows how being the voice for disgruntled voters on issues that directly impact their lives is the antidote for ineffective purist politicking. Tune in to get his take on nullifying state and federal tyranny through municipal government participation. You’ll walk away understanding why Libertarians must contest elections at the lowest levels now in order to build the infrastructure and credibility needed to compete statewide and nationally down the road!

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