BNS 784: Reawakening America – Clay Clark Explains Why Biblical Illiteracy BLINDS People

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Get ready to reawaken America with Clay Clark and Brian Nichols in this can’t-miss discussion on taking back our country through grassroots activism and entrepreneurship!

Clay Clark, founder of the Reawaken America Tour, joins Brian Nichols to discuss the mission behind Reawaken America: uniting patriotic Americans under the shared values of faith, freedom and entrepreneurship. The tour features speakers like General Flynn and Eric Trump, who offer inspiration for getting involved in politics and business to save the nation. 

Diving into the roots of America’s slumber, Clay argues it stems from a lack of biblical literacy. By returning to scripture, we can recognize the false prophets and agendas at work today. For those wary of religion, Clay suggests focusing on the unifying facts of election fraud, medical fraud and media lies.  

When asked how to motivate the apathetic, Clay emphasizes outreach through Christ’s return by recommitting to God, sharing the gospel, and raising strong families. While prophecy is unfolding, we should still take action as entrepreneurs – Clay shares uplifting stories of businesses grown through his Thrive Time workshops.

Want to get involved? Clay offers Brian Nichols’ audience a chance to win VIP backstage passes to an upcoming Reawaken America Tour event in California by requesting tickets on their website. Join other patriots to connect, learn and take the nation back!

Don’t miss this lively discussion on the state of the nation and our power to change it by tuning in to The Brian Nichols Show, where Clay provides inspiration, tough truths and practical steps for reawakening and saving America!

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