BNS 782: The Ideal Voter Persona – Who Libertarians Should Target in 2024

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Libertarian politics can be frustrating. Brian Nichols has the solution on how to spread the message more effectively.

On this solo episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian tackles a common issue libertarians face – no one listening when they discuss their political beliefs. He explains it’s not the just messenger, but the audience, and libertarians need to identify their Ideal Voter Persona (IVP). Brian outlines 3 types of voters libertarians should target: the disillusioned voter tired of the two parties, the politically “homeless” independent thinker, and the libertarian base wanting less government.

To win these groups over, Brian advises focusing messaging on shared values and pragmatic solutions, not just political philosophy. He evaluates the strategies of several libertarian presidential candidates like Josh Smith, Michael Rectenwald, Mike ter Maat, Jacob Hornberger and Chase Oliver. Brian critiques their outreach and recommends concentrating on 2-3 issues like inflation and dissatisfaction with the two major parties.

Brian stresses presenting libertarianism as an attainable alternative. Don’t just tout policies, explain their real-life impact on voters. He uses eliminating the Department of Education as an example – discuss the implications for students. Brian says no candidate is perfect, so libertarians should work together respectfully to improve messaging and outreach. Infighting will only turn voters away.

Brian challenges libertarians to focus on inclusive, collaborative solutions over petty internal conflicts. He uses a car dealership analogy to illustrate how buyers will be wary of obvious dysfunction. To earn votes, libertarians must run unified campaigns that clearly communicate benefits to voters. Brian says the libertarian message itself is strong, but outreach must improve to achieve electoral success.

This introspective solo episode provides pragmatic advice for spreading the libertarian message. Brian draws on his media expertise to outline specific steps for broadening the appeal of libertarianism. An essential listen for libertarian-leaning voters and anyone dissatisfied with the two major parties!

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