BNS 780: Surviving DOOMSDAY – When Disaster Strikes, Will You Be Ready?

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Are you prepared for disaster? Learn how to survive economic collapse, pandemics, and loss of law and order from retired Air Force Colonel Drew Miller of Fortitude Ranch.

In this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nichols interviews Dr. Drew Miller, founder of Fortitude Ranch, America’s largest survival community. They discuss how to prepare for disasters like economic collapse, pandemics, loss of law and order, and other scenarios. Miller explains that new technologies like AI, nanotech and biotech are increasing the likelihood of catastrophes that could lead to collapse.

Miller warns that threats like solar flares, cyber attacks, EMPs or bio-weapons could take down critical infrastructure like the power grid. With 90% of the population unprepared, the death toll could be massive. He criticizes the lack of government action to harden the grid against EMPs. Miller also alerts listeners to the coming H5N1 avian flu pandemic, which the WHO confirms is now spreading amongst cats in Poland near the Russian border.

Nichols and Miller explore how the massive size of government has made critical systems vulnerable. With bio-labs worldwide, regulating biotech is impossible. Miller argues that gain-of-function virus research, though intended for good, enables individuals to engineer deadly pandemics. Survival will go to politicians in bunkers, criminals, and groups like Fortitude Ranch.

Miller explains how Fortitude Ranch provides affordable survival community memberships starting at $1000 per person annually. With 7 locations currently and expanding through franchising, Fortitude Ranch features lodging, food, training, ranges, and recreation. Members vacation up to 2 weeks a year for free at any location.

Miller emphasizes that city dwellers especially need a bug-out plan and location. He advises relocating to rural areas and joining preparedness networks. Listen to the full episode to learn how Fortitude Ranch can help you survive disasters with your mental and physical health intact!

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