BNS 777: Why Sales + Marketing = SUCCESS for Small Business Owners

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Are you a small business owner struggling to grow your business online?

This episode of The Brian Nichols Show is an absolute must-listen! Brian sits down with digital marketing expert Remso Martinez to uncover the keys to implementing a successful digital marketing strategy.

Remso shares his extensive experience consulting and coaching small businesses on how to leverage online marketing tools to drive more traffic, leads and sales. From starting with the basics like getting a website and social media presence to more advanced tactics like SEO, content marketing and email lists, Remso provides tangible, actionable advice

A major focus of the discussion is helping small business owners understand their customers’ problems and pain points so they can create trust and value through content. Remso stresses going where your customers are, building long-term relationships, and quantifying your efforts with key performance indicators.

Some highlights include common objections small businesses face when trying digital marketing, how to maximize limited resources and bandwidth as a solopreneur, and why integrating marketing and sales creates a powerful 1-2 punch.

Remso also announces the launch of his free eBook “The Small Business Owner’s Digital Marketing Handbook” which condenses many of the key digital marketing topics covered in this interview into an actionable game plan.

He shares why he created this resource – to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge to implement digital marketing themselves rather than rely on expensive agencies.

Grab the eBook using the link in the show notes for a crash course on SEO, social media, email, and more!

With insightful discussion and tons of practical tips, this episode is perfect for new and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to get their business up and running online. It’s also useful for seasoned business owners who need guidance on leveraging digital marketing tools and strategies to maximize growth.

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