BNS 775: Echoes of the Holocaust? – Israel Under Attack + Holistic Health w/ Dr. Hadar Elbaz

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The tragic situation unfolding in Israel, holistic health solutions, and standing against evil – an emotional and enlightening conversation with Dr. Hadar Elbaz.

On this hard-hitting episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian has an emotional conversation with Dr. Hadar Elbaz about the devastating attacks happening in Israel. As a native Israeli with family there, Dr. Elbaz provides heartbreaking firsthand accounts of the murders, kidnappings and torture occurring. They discuss why it’s critical we don’t turn a blind eye and how this echoes the horrors of the Holocaust.

Switching gears, Brian and Dr. Elbaz explore holistic approaches to health and wellness. With Dr. Elbaz’s background in functional medicine and Chinese medicine, she explains how she treats patients by looking at root causes instead of just symptoms. This includes analyzing bloodwork, sleep, nutrition, mental health and more to formulate customized treatment plans using herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Elbaz outlines how in Chinese medicine, meridians and neurovascular points correlate to different organs and functions in the body. By treating these, along with adrenals, liver, gallbladder and more, the goal is to bring patients back into homeostasis and alignment. She also emphasizes the importance of proper sleep, movement, sunlight, community and other pillars of health.

Throughout the conversation, Brian and Dr. Elbaz stress the significance of facing evil directly, calling it what it is, and standing up against injustice. While being tolerant, they agree society has become too politically correct at the cost of truth and morality. This poignant episode leaves listeners informed, enlightened and motivated to fight for good.

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