BNS 774: Why is this Libertarian Taking on Lauren Boebert in Colorado?!

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Libertarian candidate James Wiley is stirring up Colorado politics by challenging incumbent Congresswoman Lauren Boebert – hear why he believes Boebert has failed to uphold her so-called “values”.

In this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nichols interviews James Wiley, the Libertarian candidate running against incumbent GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd district. The race is already shaking up Colorado politics, as Wiley accuses Boebert of abandoning her campaign promises.

Nichols and Wiley discuss the controversial agreement between the Libertarian Party of Colorado and state Republicans, in which the LP agreed not to run candidates against GOP incumbents who pledged to uphold libertarian principles. Boebert refused, opening the door for Wiley’s challenge. Wiley argues Boebert falsely claimed to support liberty and has failed to hold the government accountable.

Wiley lays out his platform focused on election integrity, investigating Covid crimes, and fighting child trafficking. He believes the Libertarian Party must overthrow and replace the GOP in Colorado to create real change. Nichols reflects on the need for people to speak out against problems rather than rationalize them away, using poor conditions in blue cities as examples.

Wiley states his goal is to eliminate the federal government entirely and shares his vision for an inevitable libertarian paradise with personal responsibility and freedom. He asks for support from voters interested in shaking up the status quo. Nichols and Wiley also discuss the importance of grounding politics in reality.

Don’t miss this lively discussion on the state of politics in Colorado and beyond! Wiley makes the case for his underdog challenge to Congresswoman Boebert and outlines his bold libertarian vision!

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