BNS 773: Planning for Economic Crisis – Expert Tips to Recession-Proof Your Family’s Finances

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With an uncertain economic future ahead, how can you protect your finances and prepare for the worst? Financial advisor Joseph Lombardi joins The Brian Nichols Show to share crucial advice your family needs to hear.

Brian Nichols welcomes Joseph Lombardi, founder of IronHawk Financial, to discuss how families can financially prepare for economic uncertainty. Lombardi explains the 4 major economic risks we face: interest rates, inflation, taxes, and projected market returns. He advises viewers to budget, pay down debt, and invest in alternative assets outside the stock market.

Lombardi points to the car repossession rate skyrocketing 1600% as an indicator of people overextending themselves financially. Full car lots also signal an impending downturn. Historically the car market falls, then housing, then stocks. Without savings and non-market assets, many will be caught unprepared when their home and retirement accounts lose value.

To prepare, Lombardi says budget every dollar, pay down high interest debt before investing, and convert paper assets like 401Ks to liquid, tax-free, divorce-proof assets with benefits beyond just returns. Most Americans just pay fees to fund someone else’s Lamborghini and get nothing in return.

Lombardi warns against market volatility. Returns won’t always be 10% yearly. Expect corrections. With debt and no strategy, you’ll be blindsided. To eat this elephant, focus on one bite at a time. Isolate priorities, address them, then move to the next. His advice has protected clients for 20 years without losing anyone a dollar.

Don’t overextend yourself financially. Lombardi critiques those spending wildly on credit cards and racking up debt. Get your house in order first. Then build wealth sustainably. With expertise from an award-winning advisor, this video provides priceless advice to keep your family secure!

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