BNS 767: Trump-DeSantis 2024 – The Ticket to Stop a “Fascist Coup”?

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Is a Trump-DeSantis presidential ticket in 2024 the key to saving America from a fascist takeover? Brian Nichols explores this critical question with Carter Clews of Constitutional Rights PAC on today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show.

Nichols and Clews dive deep into the current state of affairs in America, with Clews asserting we are in the midst of a fascist takeover by big government and big business that is trampling individual freedoms. He argues the conservative establishment is doing nothing to stop this, despite having the power.

Looking ahead to 2024, they debate whether Trump alone or Trump paired with DeSantis or someone like Tulsi Gabbard or RFK Jr could turn things around. Clews believes the establishment will corrupt the election to install their chosen candidate.

Clews outlines four scenarios where he thinks the election could be manipulated, including corruption of the Dem primaries, general election fraud, taking out Trump directly, or even assassination. He stresses the need for citizens to pressure their representatives to take action.

Nichols presses Clews on the best course of action, whether working within the GOP or going outside it. Clews argues Republicans must stop being “deaf-mutes” and fight back, through impeachment and other means – the people must get vocal.

Listen for a passionate discussion of the threats to democracy and how citizens can fight back. Don’t miss this timely episode of The Brian Nichols Show with Carter Clews of Constitutional Rights PAC.

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