BNS 766: Your Potential UNLOCKED – The NFL Exec’s Secrets to Playing Offense through Adversity ๐Ÿ”“

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Want to learn how to consistently make better decisions and take action? In this jam-packed episode of The Brian Nichols Show, former NFL exec Paul Epstein reveals his proven formula for playing offense in business and life.

Host Brian Nichols digs into Paul’s 15 years working for NFL and NBA teams. Paul shares how he learned to thrive in adverse environments, from selling the struggling LA Clippers to guiding the 49ers through national controversy. Despite setbacks, he focused on controlling the controllables his mindset, work ethic and attitude.

Brian and Paul also discuss the importance of will versus skill. Paul explains his hiring philosophy – choosing people based on skill but evaluating them on “will.” He only required three daily things: work ethic, positivity and coachability. This built loyalty and unleashed people’s potential.

Making fast, confident decisions is crucial but difficult. Paul introduces his “head-heart-hands” framework. First align your mindset and authenticity, then take action. If your head and heart agree, it’s a “green light” to move forward. If divided, solve the gap. This prevents analysis paralysis and indecision.

Playing offense requires decisiveness and comfort with imperfect action. Focus on daily progress – “experience, information, relationships” – not outcomes. Brian also shares how this mindset also helped him enable his 180lbs weight loss journey and how confidence comes from consistently acting on values.

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Powerful insights from an NFL insider on unlocking your potential!

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