BNS 763: Who Do You Call When Your Government ABANDONS You? – Project Dynamo & the Veterans Saving Lives (When Government Won’t)

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When disaster strikes, who will come to the rescue when your government ignores its responsibilities? 

On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian explores this vital question in a riveting conversation with Bryan Stern, founder of Project Dynamo. This non-profit deploys teams of special forces veterans to save lives when governments fail to act.

From the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan to the devastating Maui wildfires, Bryan shares dramatic stories of his nonprofit’s real-world rescue missions. He reveals how they mobilized to Maui in just 16 hours, while the government took 6 days.

Bryan makes an impassioned case: disaster response merits the same scrutiny as national security threats. By investigating failures in Maui, we can prevent future catastrophes. He argues if we could put a man on the moon decades ago, why can’t we save lives today?

But Project Dynamo needs public support to sustain their lifesaving work. Bryan makes an urgent appeal for you to donate, share their story, and raise awareness. Join him and Brian in this stirring call to empower everyday heroes filling the grey void when official help fails to arrive.

Watch now for Bryan’s dramatic firsthand stories of hostage rescues and disaster response.

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