BNS 760: Libertarians Can WIN – How This Nurse Became Mayor as a Libertarian with Over 60% of the Vote

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Are you tired of two-party politics and looking for real CHANGE? Learn how this small town Mayor WON with 60% as a Libertarian! 😮

On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian interviews Aron Lam, a nurse turned Mayor of Keenesburg, Colorado. After supporting Ron Paul and leaving the GOP, Aron joined the libertarian Mises Caucus. When searching for a winnable race, he discovered his town’s mayoral election had low turnout.

By getting involved locally first, Aron built relationships door-to-door. Instead of rigid ideology, he focused his campaign on fixing local problems like high water bills and business obstacles. His strategy paid off – Aron won the Mayor’s race with 60% of the vote on a shoestring budget.

Since taking office, Aron has shaken things up. He removed obstructionist city officials, allowed a farmer’s market, and legalized selling eggs from backyard chickens. Aron is proof that libertarians can win local races by focusing on constituents, not just philosophy.

Are you ready to get involved in your community? Learn how Aron won his race and how YOU can do it too!

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