BNS 76: Finding Happiness in the Least Likely of Places with Tim Preuss

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Are you happy? Or are things so chaotic in our world that you find it difficult to take joy in the things you use to take joy in? Are you looking for happiness in the right places?

All those questions and more get tackled in today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, as I am joined by documentarian of the travel series, “Straight No Chaser”, Tim Preuss!

In 2015, Tim got involved in politics and internet marketing with the launch of his podcast,the “Tim Preuss Podcast”. After nearly five years and over 500 episodes, Tim took a turn and decided to venture into traveling the U.S. and documenting it along the way. It was this turn that led to Straight No Chaser.

Listen as Tim talks about his journeys across the United States, the people he got to meet along the way, and where people seemed to be finding the most happiness in their lives, despite sometimes finding themselves in the darkest of circumstances.

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