BNS 759: Cold Calling Mastery with The SDR Whisperer – Prospecting SECRETS from a Pastor Turned Sales Pro

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Get pumped, because this episode of The Brian Nichols Show is about to equip you with the secrets to crush cold calling! 📞💥

Join Brian as he interviews Jacob Tacher from “The SDR Whisperer”, a former pastor who mastered the art of sales prospecting. Learn how evangelizing strangers gave him an edge on the phone. Discover his tactics for making instant emotional connections during calls. 🎯

You’ll also realize why top salespeople should take a page from great podcast hosts – it’s all about active listening and next-level questioning! Brian explains how this approach fueled his success. Plus, Jacob’s tips for adjusting when prospects don’t respond. 💡

If you’re ready to transform your cold-calling game, this is the episode for you! Jacob unpacks universal skills to connect with prospects like a pro.🏅

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