BNS 754: Libertarian Solutions for Local Problems – Brittany Kosin’s Vision for Warwick Township

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Join host Brian Nichols in this episode as he sits down with Brittany Kosin, a former ER nurse and volunteer firefighter running for Warwick Township Supervisor in Pennsylvania. With a focus on local issues and libertarian solutions, Brittany aims to provide residents with a different choice in their township, respecting individuality and diverse opinions.

One of the key challenges in Warwick Township is escalating taxation, a major concern for residents. While the supervisors claim not to have raised millage, a significant number of home reassessments result in increased taxes, creating a disparity in property values.

Brittany proposes lowering the millage, given the township’s $16 million surplus, enabling it to function effectively while maintaining a strong foundation. Furthermore, she advocates for property rights, empowering owners to make decisions about their properties.

In addition to taxation, Brian and Brittany delve into crucial economic issues. They explore the impact of permits on businesses, the amusement tax, and the proposed acquisition of water supplies by Aqua, emphasizing the importance of maintaining independence and self-reliance. Plus, discover how Brittany plans to empower the Volunteer Fire Company through tax incentives amid the challenges posed by the pandemic and declining volunteerism.

Brittany Kosin for PA – A Different Voice in Politics! Don’t miss this inspiring episode and learn how Libertarians can win by running for local office and making a positive impact on policy. Support Brittany Kosin’s campaign on her website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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