BNS 738: Tartarian Mud Flood: A Tale of Hidden Cities and Ancient Enigmas

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Uncover the mind-bending Tartarian mud flood conspiracy on The Brian Nichols Show! Join host Brian Nichols and returning guest Aidan Mattis as they dive into a “hidden history” wiped out in the 18th or 19th century. Discover the shocking claims of an ancient civilization spanning from Russia to Florida, building cities like Chicago and New York. But who covered it up? Was it the French, Spanish, English, or even the Roman Catholic Church? 

Prepare to be captivated as we explore “unearthed photographs and videos”, revealing cities hidden beneath the earth. Could the Tartarians have harnessed electricity from thin air? Or was Tartary simply an empire destroyed to rival European powers? Join the debate!

But beware! This conspiracy challenges established historical narratives, and not everyone is convinced. Historians, scholars, and Mattis’ professor shed light on the flaws and misunderstandings. Yet, the allure of secrets and hidden truths remains irresistible. 

Question everything as we discuss mysterious mud volcanoes, the landing of Atlantis survivors in Ireland, and the startling connections between ancient beliefs and modern religions. 

Get ready for a thrilling journey through history, exposing lies and rewriting the narrative. Discover the power of skepticism and the need for accountability in governments and education. 

Don’t miss this eye-opening episode on The Brian Nichols Show! Engage your curiosity, challenge the status quo, and join the conversation. Watch now and be prepared to question everything you thought you knew about our past. Hit that play button and uncover the truth!

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