BNS 723: Can We Survive the Dark Side of Drone Technology?

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If you’re interested in the intersection of technology and society, you won’t want to miss this thought-provoking discussion between Brian Nichols and Thomas Banks on The Brian Nichols Show. As a technology CEO with a passion for tech, Banks brings a unique perspective to the table as Banks and Nichols explore the implications of drone technology and the challenges posed by technology run amok.

In his book, ‘Indefensible‘, Banks explores the consequences of new technologies such as drones and AI, arguing that they have the potential to cause significant harm if used in the wrong way. From drones carrying explosives in Ukraine to the thousands of people killed while using their cell phones while driving, Banks reminds us that we must be careful when creating and using new technologies.

As the conversation unfolds, Banks and Nichols discuss both the positives and negatives of drone technology, including the need for companies to adjust to the changing landscape of technology and the concerns that come along with it.

While Banks paints a worst-case scenario, he ultimately hopes that people will find ways to counteract the potential danger. He even discusses a mobile game in his book that attempts to solve the problem of an uncontrollable terror threat by redirecting drones. Whether you’re interested in technology, society, or simply enjoy thought-provoking conversations, this episode of The Brian Nichols Show is not to be missed.

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