BNS 718: The Libertarian Party – Fighting for Liberty in the Age of COVID-19

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Are you fed up with the endless political bickering between the Democrats and Republicans? Are you tired of feeling like your voice doesn’t matter? Then you need to tune in to this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, where Brian welcomes Todd Hagopian, a veteran member of the Libertarian Party, to discuss the possibility of a third-party candidate in the upcoming election.

Todd and Brian don’t hold back as they dive into the need for sales and marketing strategies in politics and how a third-party candidate could use these tactics to their advantage. They discuss the potential for a third-party candidate, like a Libertarian, to challenge the two-party system and provide a viable alternative for Americans who are looking for real change.

But it’s not just talk – Todd shares real-world examples of how the Libertarian Party has become a refuge for many Americans who have had their rights infringed upon during the COVID-19 pandemic. He notes that the party was one of the few voices advocating for individual liberty during this time, and it’s this kind of bold leadership that sets the Libertarian Party apart from other conservative groups.

The conversation then takes a deep dive into the state of the economy and how both sides of the political aisle have contributed to its current state. Todd argues that people are starting to see the negative effects of government programs put in place by Biden and his administration. He believes that people are feeling the effects of inflation and decreasing home prices, and that it’s time for a new kind of leadership to step up and make a real difference.

Finally, Todd and Brian discuss the potential for Liberty Republicans to join the Libertarian Party. Todd makes a compelling case that money is a big factor in why Liberty Republicans are staying with the GOP, and he lays out a plan for how the Libertarian Party can attract these individuals and make a real impact.

So if you’re ready to hear an honest and no-holds-barred conversation about the future of American politics, then you need to tune in to this episode of The Brian Nichols Show. Todd and Brian will leave you feeling inspired and energized to make a real change in the world – so what are you waiting for?

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