BNS 71: The Fractured Prism with Author Brendan Noble

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Brendan Noble returns to The Brian Nichols Show, only this time, he’s returning as an author! How about that!?

Brendan recently released his new book, “The Fractured Prism. “The Fractured Prism” is a gripping novel that digs into the struggle between the individual and a collectivist state. “The Fractured Prism” leads the reader through several twists and turns as Ivan, the lowest of the low within the new society, finds himself befriending a princess, and thus embarking on an epic tale of building trust, standing for what is right, and opposing a tyrannical government set on destroying the value of the individual.

Listen as we discuss his book, what the future of “The Prism Files” holds, and where you can grab your own copy of “The Fractured Prism! (hint… click the Amazon link below…)

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