BNS 694: House on FIRE- America’s Dark Future & The Power of Narrative

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Are you ready for a thought-provoking conversation about the current state of America? Then you need to check out The Brian Nichols Show! In this episode, Brian is joined by Matt Battaglia, master storyteller from Free the People, to discuss his new book House on Fire.

This isn’t your ordinary political discussion. Matt’s new book House on Fire is a cautionary tale, taking elements of the past three years and fictionalizing them to make it into a story. It is emotionally driven and explores the darkest parts of society and the cycle of destruction that could occur if it continues. It’s like a dystopian novel come to life, and you won’t be able to look away.

During their conversation, Matt and Brian discuss how stories have the power to change the world. They believe that it is important for people to tell stories to set narratives and respond to errors in order to preserve truth. They also delve into the current pandemic and the supply chain issues that have arisen, such as the increase in beef prices and difficulty in finding eggs. They suggest that Matt’s new book can be read into in different ways, making it perfect for those who love a good debate.

But this isn’t just a discussion about politics and society. It’s about the power of storytelling and how it can make a difference in the world. Matt has been working for Free the People for some time, producing documentaries and the show Kibbe on Liberty, and has been drawing comics for many years. His experience in storytelling shines through in this episode, and you won’t want to miss a second of it.

So, if you’re looking for a unique and engaging discussion about the current state of America and the power of storytelling, then The Brian Nichols Show is for you. Tune in to learn how to use sales and marketing to win conversations about political issues and hear from a master storyteller about his new book House on Fire. Get ready for a discussion that will leave you thinking long after it’s over!

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