BNS 686: Gary Plauché – The Father Who Stood Up Against EVIL

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Get ready for a gripping episode of The Brian Nichols Show! Brian is joined by Jody Plauché, author of “Why, Gary? Why?“, a book that details Jody’s harrowing experience of being abducted and sexually assaulted by his karate teacher at just 11 years old. Jody shares his story of how his father, Gary Plauché, took matters into his own hands and killed the abuser in a shocking act of vigilantism that sparked national controversy.

Jody’s story is not just a true crime tale, it’s a cautionary tale about the importance of being vigilant and recognizing red flags of sexual abuse. In his book, Jody draws on his experience as a certified sexual assault counselor to provide valuable information for parents, victims, and survivors of sexual assault.

Join Brian and Jody as they delve into the dark side of human nature and the power of personal growth. Jody reflects on his own childhood and the red flags he noticed in retrospect, urging parents to be vigilant and protect their children from abuse. He shares his personal journey of healing and how he hopes to use his experience to help others.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in true crime, personal growth, or understanding the warning signs of sexual abuse. Don’t miss out on this powerful conversation between Brian and Jody as they explore the limits of self-defense, the importance of safety, and the power of healing. Tune in now!

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