BNS 68: “The Rebellion” with Banks and Shane

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Welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show! It’s always a fun time when you get to interact with other libertarian podcasters, and this week is no exception, as I am joined by Banks and Shane from “The Rebellion”!

Now, most of you are likely familiar with at least one-half of this dynamic duo, as I was joined by Shane Hazel back in the summer of 2018 to discuss his candidacy for US Congress in the great state of Georgia. Upon settling back into some normalcy post-campaign, Shane decided to team up with his campaign manager, Banks Wise, and together they formed “The Rebellion”.

“Armed with truth bombs, timeless principles and an ample dose of humor, Banks & Shane navigate the tempestuous sea of life and politics. Ready to bring down the Empire? Welcome to The Rebellion.”

After you’re finished with today’s episode, do me a favor and swing over to Banks and Shane’s show and be sure to subscribe to their podcast. They do a lot of great work over there and I cannot recommend their show enough.

Also, for those of you looking for a particular interview with a particular Congressman, please stay patient… with some events/tweets being sent last weekend regarding a particular President, we had to get flexible with scheduling, and we are officially back on the books with said Congressman for the beginning of June… so have no fear, the interview is near!

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