BNS 667: The Truth Behind the Headlines – A Reality Check (w/ Ben Swann)

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Are you tired of feeling like the mainstream media is hiding the truth from you? Look no further, because in this episode, host Brian Nichols sits down with investigative journalist and head of Sovren, Ben Swann. With over 20 years of experience in broadcast journalism, including stints at CBS, NBC, and Fox News affiliates, Ben is a true expert in uncovering the truth behind the headlines.

But it’s not just Ben’s experience that makes this episode a must-watch. It’s his shocking and eye-opening stories of the deception and lies present in the media, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. He exposes how big tech companies have worked together with the corporate media to eliminate independent voices and competition through the Trusted News Initiative (TNI)

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a true expert in the field and to learn how to navigate the world of news and information with a critical eye!


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