BNS 661: Cities of the Future – How Market Urbanism is Transforming Cities Worldwide

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Are you tired of living in a city that doesn’t work for you? Are you ready to learn about a new approach to urbanism that combines free market principles and innovative solutions?

Look no further! In this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, we dive deep into the topic of market urbanism and its potential to revolutionize the way cities function.

Our guest, Scott Beyer, is a leading expert in the field and will explain how market urbanism can address issues like housing, transportation, and city administration. He’ll also share real-life examples of “startup cities” and how they’re being implemented around the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an industry leader and learn about a new approach that can improve your city and your life!

And don’t forget to check out episode 428 for a closer look at Próspera; a prime example of market urbanism in action! ➡

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