BNS 655: Standing Up for Small Business – The Inspiring Story of Beloved Cheesecakes’ Battle Against COVID-19 Government Mandates

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Join us as we speak with Jen Jacobson, owner of Beloved Cheesecakes, about her experience as a small business owner who fought back against the government mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jen faced challenges and backlash from the government for keeping her business open, but she persevered and fought for her rights. Instead of shutting her doors during the pandemic, she chose to keep open and serve her customers. She showed that small businesses are ESSENTIAL to local communities; that they should not be shut down just because of a government mandate.

Later, Jen shares her personal journey in Oregon and touches the ongoing divide between left and right on the COVID-19 issue. She outlines the challenges of being a small business owner and how she was able to overcome them and shares her thoughts on the current political climate in our country, including why it is so important for all opinions to be heard and respected.

We also discuss the double standard in politics and the importance of understanding voter outreach and fundraising for those running for local office.

Jen is a model for small business owners in standing up for their rights and for the importance of grassroots organizing. She is a great example that small businesses can be forces for positive change in the world, and we need more people like her.

Tune in for an inspiring and informative conversation!

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