BNS 641: Benghazi – 10 Years Later

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In this special episode of the program, we are joined by former US diplomat Ethan Chorin to discuss the events of Benghazi – 10 Years Later.

Chorin was one of a few US diplomats posted to Libya in 2004 and was in Benghazi at the time of the attack on the US mission in 2012. We will delve into the political climate at the time, the aftermath of the attack, and Chorin’s thoughts on the current state of affairs in Libya.

Chorin brings a unique perspective to the conversation, having been on the ground in Libya during a crucial time in the country’s history. He will provide insight into the events leading up to the attack on the US mission, as well as the response from the US government. We will also discuss the ongoing conflict and instability in Libya, and what the future may hold for the country.

In addition to his diplomatic experience, Chorin is also a political analyst and author (Benghazi! A New History of the Fiasco that Pushed America and its World to the Brink), with a deep understanding of the complex dynamics at play in Libya. Tune in for a fascinating and informative conversation with an insider’s perspective on Benghazi.

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