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Not gonna lie… I hated math when growing up. It was always the least favorite class that I took during school. And truth be told, I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of you out there who felt the exact same way.

JW Weatherman noticed that as well, and found that the main problem is that students aren’t actually “doing math”, but rather learning how to essentially fill out forms in the way they were instructed. It was that realization that led to Weatherman creating is a fun, engaging way for both kids AND adults to learn math by learning how to code. To get started you don’t need to know how to read or add, but before you’re finished you’ll know how to calculate derivatives.

Say what???

Programming is simple. In fact, Mathbot only has four commands (step forward, turn right, pickup, and put down) so you’ll be crushing problems in under 3 minutes. By using a robot to do all the work, you get all the joy of problem solving without any annoying or repetitive tasks. And since you are able to focus on the big picture, you’ll learn faster too!

Give today’s episode a listen and and please be sure to share with your family and friends who, like me, hated math as a kid.

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