BNS 580: Enough is Enough – It’s Time to End the WARS, Fix Our MONEY, & Restore Our CIVIL RIGHTS

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On today’s episode, I’m joined by Chris Russomanno, Libertarian candidate for Congress in New Jersey. He’s going to tell us why it’s time to end the wars, fix our money, and restore our civil rights.

We’ll be discussing how the United States is currently involved in an endless war on terror funded by The Fed’s endless printing of money that has cost us trillions of dollars while also infringing on our civil rights through mass surveillance, indefinite detention without trial, torture, and assassination by drone strikes.

Chris is a passionate advocate for ending the wars that have become a core part of our political system. He wants to fix our money system so we can finally get rid of the debt that has been strangling us for decades. And he believes that restoring civil rights will help us restore our country to its former glory.


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