BNS 576: We Are Libertarians Reunion at the Boss Hog of Liberty – (And the Great Aldi Debate)

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On today’s episode, I join Jeremiah Morrell, Chris Spangle, and Aaron Ewart over on The Boss Hog of Liberty podcast. We discuss our recent We Are Libertarians reunion at the Boss Hog of Liberty, as well as the Great Aldi Debate.

Original Show Notes:

Episode 267 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out

Jeremiah Morrell, Zach Burcham, Chris Spangle, and Brian Nichols are the voices. We get a network update, a surprise visit by Aaron Ewert, the Spangle Aldi anger is directly challenged by a buffet of groceries. Brian emceed a political rally, and a former Vice Presidential candidate found Spangle in a park. This is old school, wandering classic WAL network.

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