BNS 570: Teaching Freedom – To Restore American Liberty, We Need Colleges that Actually Teach the Liberal Arts

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Collectivists of many stripes—but one aim—have been eating away at our free society for over one hundred years.

If we want to reverse America’s current slide into authoritarianism and actively move towards a fully free society, we need to be as clear about our goals as the collectivists have been about theirs. And theirs have always been power and control—to that end, ingeniously using indoctrination masquerading as education.

So, what to do? Marsha Enright joins the program to show how Reliance College will focus on utilizing the Montessori method – an educational philosophy that has been ahead of its time for 100 years in understanding the importance of human development to optimal learning and growth – as the basis for her new college, Reliance College.

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