BNS 533: The 90-Degree Turn – Remaking Washington D.C. and Turning the Federal Government on its Head! (w/ JB Fred Eberlein)

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Rather than traditional top-down government, today’s guest (Fred Eberlein) advocates for a bottom-up approach that right sizes the Federal Government’s bureaucracy while re-aligning it with local needs, defined by “we the people”.

His book argues that Washington’s complexity and size provide camouflage to a political system corrupted by fundraising-centric politics. With no end in sight to the Federal Government’s chronic inefficiency, his book calls for removing Congress from its control over spending and returning that responsibility to state governments.

Washington will not be fixed by bi-partisanship or budget cuts.

Its reckless spending habits run too deep, as does the need for ever grander political campaigns. A Plan B is needed if the USA we cherish is to endure.

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