BNS 524: Why is This Liberty REPUBLICAN Running to Reclaim his Old State Senate Seat in Maine? (w/ Eric Brakey)

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On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, friend of the show Eric Brakey returns to outline why he’s looking to reclaim his old state senate seat in Maine, and what issue he’s looking to help address for your average voter in main. 

“I’ve been knocking a lot of doors, talking with a lot of voters… I am running to reclaim my state senate seat that I held in Maine for I held it for two terms in the past from 14 to 18. And I left, I stepped aside from that to run for US Senate and Congress over two terms. Neither of those races worked out how we hope but we did get the message of freedom out there, which I think inspired a lot of new activists who are making a difference today. 

But yeah, I am running to reclaim my old state senate seat. It’s been great to reconnect with a lot of my former constituents. So hopefully, who will be my constituents once again after this election cycle and boy people are hurting out there. 

Inflation is is is really hurting people. I mean, it’s universal from truckers to soccer moms, I go door to door everyone is talking about the price of gas is concerned about how they’re going to afford their next fill-up, and man, we’re looking at, you know, gas station just down the road… For me, we’re looking at $5.21 a gallon for the lowest grade gas. 

Boy, it’s it’s all of the warnings about inflation and the out-of-control spending and the printing of trillions of dollars out of thin air that us libertarians have been warning about for decades. Now. It’s all coming to a head. And nobody outside the liberty movement seems to have any idea how to talk about this. And, you know, it puts us in a great position where we are the ones with the answers, because we are the only ones who understand how we got here.”

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