BNS 513: The Libertarian Party & The Great Reno Reset (w/ Stephen Decker & Jeremy Todd)

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The Reno Reset is real! And with it, a new leadership at the helm of the third largest political party in the United States – The Libertarian Party.

After 4 years of building an infrastructure, the Mises Caucus has officially secured leadership roles across the LNC.

Now what? Well, that’s why Stephen Decker and Jeremy Todd are joining me on today’s episode! Both had the opportunity to attend the Libertarian Party national convention this past weekend, and with that, give us their take as to what we can expect next now that the Mises Caucus firmly has grasp of the party.

“If I’m giving advice to the Mises Caucus, is that alright, it’s no longer about the Mises Caucus now. All right?

It is about the Libertarian Party, and you need to own that name, “The Libertarian Party“.

It is no longer “this person joined the Mises Caucus!” but “that person has joined the Libertarian Party”.

And so make us all one… help unify the party.”

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