BNS 512: You Need To Be More Assertive, Dammit!

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The customer is always right. Yep. We’ve all heard that saying many a time. And unfortunately, too many sales pros believe that this old way of thinking is actually true.

You know, the idea that the rep who does whatever their prospect asks and wants is the one who kills it month after month.

But is that really the case? Is the customer always right? Ask any seasoned sales professional, and they’ll tell you that not only is this plain wrong, but in fact, it’s an almost guaranteed way to sabotage any sale.

Instead of playing the role of order-taker, we have to play the role of consultant. And with that, it requires us to be assertive.

Now assertiveness itself can get a bad rap, as people can easily misinterpret assertiveness as pushy or rude. But what do we mean when we’re talking about assertiveness?

And what role does assertiveness play in helping you close more business?

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