BNS 508: Why Does This Libertarian Farmer Want To Be Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania? (w/ Tim McMaster)

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Returning to the program today is Tim McMaster, Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania!

“It’s really good to be out front and center with the local people. And as they say, ‘all politics is local’. 

And I truly believe that, because every issue that we face on the local issue, if you just expand that out, essentially, that’s on the state level on the national level as well, with some exceptions.

But overall, people are concerned about the same things – how they’re going to feed their kids, you know, are they going to raise their kids properly? How are they going to educate their kids? Are they going to have anything to leave their kids? Is it gonna be all taken from your property taxes or some other kind of government extortion program? Those are really the top-of-mind things that I’ve really been focusing on.” 

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