BNS 501: Did This College Student Really Get Expelled For Refusing The COVID Booster Shot!? (w/ Ellie Puentes)

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“My body, my choice” doesn’t seemingly apply to those refusing the COVID booster.

At least, that’s how it appears, as today’s guest (Ellie Puentes) was EXPELLED FROM COLLEGE for the the audacity of refusing to take the COVID booster… all this after having an adverse reaction to the second dose of her COVID vaccine!

Listen as Ellie outlines her experience being expelled by Union College and how far the COVID insanity gone.

” I’m fully vaccinated. I received my second dose back in September, but I got so sick from it to the point where I ended up hospitalized and continued to have something to this day.

And before getting the vaccine, I had no health issues. So when I got an email from my school, reminding me to get the booster vaccine, I sent out an email with my concerns, and my request for an exemption was denied.

They denied my hospital documents.

They denied a letter written by my doctor, you know, who’s known me longer than administration of Union, where he stated it’s ill-advised for me to receive the booster right now, and they denied that.”

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