BNS 498: How to Talk About Roe v. Wade / Abortion without Tempers Flaring (with Olivia Rondeau)

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The conversation towards abortion/Roe v. Wade has always been a heated discussion… but does it have to be that way?

Returning to the program today is Oliva Rondeau, who joins us to walk through this often difficult and delicate subject, and how we can best avoid the usual demonization.

“The answer lies in communities, how these communities take care of their pregnant women and pregnant teens who are in a tough situation, and how we view these pregnant women and pregnant teens and try to end the stigma.

Because people make mistakes, it takes two people, like… we’re all adults here. So let’s let’s kind of end the, ‘us versus them’, 

As we go more and more polarized and more and more separate, you’ll see that, as we demonize each other, the situation does not solve itself.”

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