BNS 494: What are the Top-3 Issues Libertarians Should Be Focusing Messaging Towards? (with Clint Russell)

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Today on The Brian Nichols Show, Clint Russel (Host, Liberty Lockdown) returns to the program to help outline the top-3 issues we libertarians/liberty world should be focusing on in order to meet people where they’re at on the issues they care about – specifically with an election less than 6 short months away!

“Libertarians need to get out of the hypothetical… like we are dealing with the real ramifications – ramifications of statism. And we have answers.

And we also have the diagnosis as to why we’re in the position we’re in. So you don’t need to talk hypotheticals – like this is actually happening to people in their real lives.

And that’s why it’s such a fertile ground from which we can work, you know? Like, this is our opportunity – I really believe that this is the greatest opportunity in my lifetime, to try and help people. And if that’s what you are motivated by, well, then you should wake up every day just roaring to go.” 

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