BNS 484: Biden’s War on “Ghost Guns” and the Second Amendment (w/ Matt Larosiere from FPC)

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On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I’m joined by Matt Larosiere from the Firearms Policy Coalition

“You know, the fight for the Second Amendment is a fight. It’s an ongoing fight.

And so we have to properly watch our opponent telegraphing their moves and respond to them. So this rule does not ban you from making your own good at home – doesn’t ban anything to do with 3D printing – what it is trying to do is to make a legal nightmare for people who want to help you do that for people who want to sell you the products….the incomplete receivers, the completion jigs and stuff like that.

That’s what they’re trying to get at with this rule. It does not actually touch home building. But it touches everything around it to the point that they’re trying to just raise the cost and complexity of building a gun yourself. And I think that’s just as horrible as trying to attack it at its core.”

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