BNS 474: Is Larry Sharpe New York State’s Last Hope? (with Larry Sharpe)

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On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show with Larry Sharpe (Candidate for New York State Governor):

“New York State – for those of you watching or listening who may not know – is an absolutely beautiful, amazing state. It is a true example of diversity… whether you want the biggest city in the nation, beautiful mountains, falls, rivers, lakes, if you want the opera or if you want hiking, if you want skiing, or you have baseball, football, hockey, and basketball, whatever is your thing. It is here in this state, from beaches to mountaintops, wherever you can imagine. You want to go boating, you want to go fishing? Yes, it is here in this state.

The problem isn’t the state. The problem is the government. The government is so oppressive. It literally breaks up families.

My mom died in South Carolina my step-pop died in South Carolina because it couldn’t afford to live here. You, Brian, said you’ve already left your family and friends here.

So what’s the hope?

The hope is in getting people in New York State to realize there are answers.”

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