BNS 464: The Blue Divide: Policing and Race in America (with Will Moravits, PhD)

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The deaths at the hands of police of George Floyd, Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, and other Black Americans spurred national outrage—but now what?

To make progress on the complex issues surrounding race and policing, Americans must begin a conversation rooted in mutual respect and in facts. Laying the groundwork for productive engagement, 

Dr. Will Moravits joins the program today and details how police officers are trained in the use of force and the choices they confront. In his new book, “The Blue Divide”, Moravits analyzes the past decade’s highest-profile cases of police use of force against people of color and looks more broadly at the criminal justice system, use of force, and the tragic disconnection between police officers and the communities of color they are sworn to protect.

A former police officer, Moravits brings a uniquely informed, mutually sympathetic point of view that can be heard by everyone who has an opinion about American policing—good, bad, or unsure about what to do to ensure safety and justice for all.

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