BNS 460: Restoring Reason! (with Dr. Travis Corcoran)

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Frustration. Confusion. Anxiety. Despair. These are the symptoms of sensory overload, a state of mind in which we increasingly find ourselves. We’re drowning in data supplied by entities with no regard for our best interests. 

Your intellectual freedom is at stake, threatened by everything from academia and Big Tech to the media and government. Fortunately, you have a way to take back personal control, and it’s a solution founded upon ancient philosophy. 

In Restoring Reason, philosopher Dr. Travis Corcoran demonstrates how the liberal arts provide us with a skillset to evaluate knowledge and draw our own conclusions for clarity, confidence, and freedom. Dr. Corcoran explains the trivium—knowledge, understanding, and wisdom—and the foundation it lays for making high-quality decisions for a high-quality life. Restoring Reason is an intellectual self-defense manual to make sense of the world we live in. Including an analysis of the five biggest social engineers today, including corporate interests and legacy media, this reproducible, systematic framework will help you see truth, deny falsehoods, and lead a fulfilled, independent life. 

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